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Dr. Joseph Vansuch

Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I just went to this Dr for the first time and hes a really nice guy and so is Daniel, this eye dr checked the whole 9 yards of my eye health in which i was looking for a place that would do that and im glad they did cause they found my eye health to be not so good nothing major but something to keep an eye on. Best optometrist I've been to in years."
    Chris P.
  • "I've been going here for years and the staff are definitely very caring and educated people on everything there is to know about glasses, lenses, contacts, etc. The doctor really knows his stuff, he's professional, knowledgeable, and easy to talk to. You can tell they definitely care about your business with them when you show up after they closed to pick up your contacts and they still help you out-- sorry for running late! But thank you all for helping, you're the best!"
    Suki C.
  • "Seriously, one of the two best doctors/practices I've ever dealt with - and I've had a bunch! I have had RK surgery (those of you that had it know the issues I've been dealing with), extremely dry eyes, floaters, thinning retinas, lasik, nearsightedness, presbyopia. It's amazing that I can see at all. Dr. Joe was one of the most progressive doctor's I've been to making sure he has the latest technology to help with the vision problems I have. The staff was really knowledgeable too putting the technical jargon into language I could really understand. Can't recommend highly enough.."
    Joey H.
  • "I have been going to Dr. Van Such for many, many years. Dr. Van Such is very knowledgeable, professional and approachable. He is very educated in keratoconus, which I have. When fitting me with contacts, he does not give up until he has the perfect fit. I never feel rushed when having my eyes examined by the doctor. I would recommend anyone with keratoconus who has not been able to wear contacts, to pay Dr. Van Such a visit. Most of his staff has been with him for many years and really care about the patient."
    Maureen W.
  • "We have been coming to Dr. Vansuch for years. Super nice dr and very fair. His staff is really sweet. :-)"
    Randee S.
  • "Dr. Vansuch and his professional staff are the best in the industry! Our son was properly diagnosed and treated for Keratoconus by Dr. Vansuch after Lens Crafters exam failed to detect. We are extremely happy with the service, treatment, selection of frames and speedy delivery of our new glasses and contact lenses."
    Pam F.
  • "All I can say is amazing and I am suprised that he hasn't been reviewed yet. Maybe because he doesn't need to be. Honestly I thought I would never be able to wear contacts again until I went to see Dr. Vansuch. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!"
    April A.

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